Using DITA in the Financial Industry

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Financial Adidas Tubular Shadow Outlet industry is becoming more and more information-intensive and regulated, and as a result, the burgeoning documentation needs of financial organizations are becoming Nike Roshe Two Outlet critical. Financial organizations need a comprehensive content management solution that helps them fulfill their peculiar demands in an effective manner.

Which documentation related challenges are these financial organizations facing?

Many organizations in the financial sector, including banks, must create a very large number of different documents that describe their products and services. Often, these documents have the same core information but are highly individualized in product details at certain points, which means that many redundancies need to be managed.

Many of these documents have legal relevance and the quality will have a direct effect on lowering the enterprise risk. From small errors, heavy financial losses can occur. Here, agreements and legally binding product descriptions, in particular, need to be mentioned.

Increasing auditability demands make a solid documentation solution being particularly needed in the areas of compliance, process descriptions, reporting and Nike City Loop UK personnel-related documentation.

Traditional approaches with Enterprise Content Nike Sock Dart Sale Management solutions, which manage the complete documents, do not lead to the desired result here. It is so because the relevant information through such approaches can be found in the document, but the change there along with the changes to all the affected documents cannot be processed within reasonable effort and timeframe.

How does DITA solve these challenges?

DITA in financial industryWith the introduction of DITA solution, a single-source repository for documents and their core components is created, from which new documents or new versions of these documents can be created and released individually. The core components (called DITA “topics”) can be used by different departments e.g. Marketing can use the content from the product division and be sure that this content, which will be externally communicated, is accurate and consistent.

With this solution, you can create entire packages of customized documents in just a few seconds on the basis of various Levi’s Sneakers Sale templates. The values for the variables can be automatically supplied from third-party systems. This way, you reduce the document creation period and the risk of manual input errors. The process for the creation and sharing of documents is optimized, and your customers receiving accurate and timely information.


DITA creates order and increases flexibility and efficiency in the documentation process. New Balance Sandals Sale Wherever the overview of a large amount of documents in a variety of versions and variants needs to be preserved and where the consistency, accuracy and punctuality factors are important, DITA is an excellent foundation. We will be very glad to show you how to make the best use of DITA and integrate our DITAworks solution perfectly into your existing processes.

For further information about our DITA solution for the financial sector or to request a personal demo on the subject, please.

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