Automotive and Mechanical engineering

  • The cost of maintaining accurate and current documentation for the ever more complex machines used in the manufacturing industry is at an all time high. Endless effort is being put to keep track of thousands of different documents like specifications, manuals, safety recommendations and many others. DITAworks document management software will help you optimize this process immensely.


  • Are you a documentation solutions and/or CMS consultant? We are always interested in establishing fruitful business relationships that can further both our interests and those of our partners’. If you see a need for DITAworks to be used in your field don’t hesitate to contact us to get to know our solution better. We can provide a demo, show you how our solution works, and answer any and all questions you might have.

Contract Management

  • Thousands of companies worldwide issue countless amounts of contracts daily. As they are essential but very typical documents, many organizations require a certain amount of contracts to be issued on a daily basis, differing only slightly in dates, names, and other small but legally significant details. Naturally a choice has to be made: either waste lots of time proofreading essentially the same documents, or save time and risk making a mistake. DITAworks aims to solve this dilemma once and for all.

Education and E-learning

  • As one of the more exponentially growing industries thanks to the development of the Internet, E-Learning faces many challenges content development. and documentation management. Today developing, supporting, translating, and maintaining educational documentation is required, as well as generating e-courses, lessons, learning materials, trainer materials and SCORM content. All of this is best done from a Single Source database managed by DITAworks.

Financial Services and Banking

  • Financial organizations have a distinct need for comprehensive content management solutions that help them meet transparency requirements for transactions and reporting. They need to  author documents accurate, fast and more efficiently. This is exactly the problem handled by DITAworks. Take a look!

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

  • Nowadays more and more industries make use of the DITA standard beyond its traditional domain, the computer software and hardware sectors from which it was born. Among these is the healthcare and pharmacology industry, one that found an answer in DITA for their needs of managing quite a lot of redundant content. Like DITAworks!

Informational Technologies

  • During the journey from an idea to a finished software product, documentation can often become an afterthought, necessary but a non-core process, and a tedious one at that. But a closer look can tell us about the value of effective and meticulous documentation; reports, manuals, learning materials, guides, and several other major types of documentation provide the basis necessary for making a software product successful. With DITAworks document management software solution you can manage all of these different types of documentation with speed and convenience!

Oil & Energy

  • In the Oil and Energy industry documentation plays a significant role. It is required to mitigate risk, control project value chains, coordinate deliverables from multiple contractors and produce auditable records. The volumes of such agile documentation quickly become unmanageable, and DITAworks is designed to change that.

Publishing, Writing, and Translation

  • Structuring content, reusing parts of it, not having to redo things from scratch – these things have long been a dream for publishers, writers, and translators. Today, DITAworks allows to do all that and more, optimizing the writing and managing process like never before, improving both accuracy and quality of everything that is written.


  • DITAworks is based on the DITA standard and XML, and it is used to help organize documents using the single source principle. This means is that the end document consists of numerous repeatedly used “core” components which are reused in a wide array of documents at the same time. The semiconductor industry is greatly benefiting from this approach!

Sustainability Reporting

  • With the requirement to report on sustainability coming into force in 2017 EU wide, organizations with more than 500 employees will need to give the evidence of their measures to implement and comply with environmental and social corporate objectives. This way, various stakeholders, such as investors, customers, suppliers and potential employees can gain a comprehensive picture of the company. DITAworks can help immensely in that regard


  • Telecommunications and exciting new products always come hand in hand. When equipment is manufactured, all new instructions, manuals, labels, and other documentation are created. Overtime this amounts to a truly impressive library of text in numerous formats, and this library is tends to grow on a daily basis. And the bigger it gets, the harder and more costly it becomes to manage. DITAworks can solve this problem, along with some others!