The technology behind DITAworks follows the same consideration for future protection, scalability and integration abilities which always form the key factors for *instinctools in designing customer solutions and its individual products. Keeping these factors in mind, DITAworks as been fully implemented on Eclipse technology which it harnesses along with internationally recognized DITA standard to provide a robust integrated platform for DITA documentation.

Here is an overview of DITAworks’ technological base:

  • DITAworks is based on Eclipse components. Eclipse is an open source framework supported by a constantly growing worldwide community, numerous large and small enterprises and scientific organizations.
  • DITAworks is based on DITA information model. This provides you with consistent structuring of the entire information inventory. The model can be adapted through visual editors flexibly.
  • A fat-client based on Eclipse RCP, as used for DITAworks Pro delivers a powerful, personalized working environment with intuitive usability and client/server connection
  • DITAworks Webtop is developed based on Eclipse /RAP.
  • The administration concept of DITAworks caters for role-based data and information access as well as an effective adminstration of rights and roles.
  • The development of documents and other informational products follow the single-source principles. Once developed, content can be published in different contexts and by using different style sheets and templates, and in different output formats.