With the requirement to report on sustainability coming into force in 2017 EU wide, organizations with more than 500 employees will need to give the evidence of their measures to implement and comply with environmental and social corporate objectives. This way, various stakeholders, such as investors, customers, suppliers and potential employees can gain a comprehensive picture of the company. DITAworks can help immensely in that regard

Helps to:

Centralize and control content

All the content you will require in making the report will be collected centrally in a single source, and then consolidated across the board, making it easy to satisfy the requirements to consistency and integrity.

Utilize the benefits of DITA

DITAworks is able to utilize the entire potential of the DITA standard because of its 100% native DITA architecture. It also supports your documentation process along the entire documentation life cycle from modeling through creation and management to publishing.

Separate content

DITA is based on XML and supports the separation of structure, layout and content. Thus, from one source, documents in various formats, layouts, languages, and serving your different interest groups can be generated.

Control Documentation Creation

Effortlessly manage different versions and revisions, save outdated variants by archiving, and keep track of reports throughout their whole lifecycle like never before.

DITAworks Features:


The sustainability reporting with DITAworks is based on the single-source principle. Content is split into reusable and self-contained blocks (called topics) that can become a building blocks for many different target documents. Content is saved once centrally and consolidated in DITAworks. Then, consistent and individualized content can be published easily from the central repository for various stakeholders. The content of the report can include pictures and graphics and the output can be generated in different media formats.

Data integrity is ensured and redundancies are avoided

With the Single Source approach DITAworks provides you can maintain the integrity of your data to insure that nothing is missed and overlooked. Eliminate any and all redundancies in the process, as you will never have to create the same content twice. This is also applied to data from third party systems, as DITAworks allows to easily integrate this data into existing systems, making a cohesive, structured report.

Global adoption

DITA is one of the most widely used international documentation standards with strong support from the industry. It has been developed by IBM and is maintained by an international expert group under OASIS since 2004. It is being used by numerous companies to achieve a plethora of different goals in different industries. And as these companies take their first steps in the adoption of the DITA standard, the need arises to make all documentation faster, more accurate, and more precise, all the while saving the costs of managing it.


DITAworks utilizes the entire potential of the DITA standard, supporting your documentation process through the entirety of its life cycle: from modeling through creation to publication. Still having doubts? Get a free demo and make sure for yourself!