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With the requirement to report on sustainability coming into force in 2017 EU wide , organizations with more than 500 employees will need to give the evidence of their measures to implement and comply with environmental and social corporate objectives. This way, various stakeholders, such as investors, customers, suppliers and potential employees can gain a comprehensive picture of the company.
The Sustainability Report extends the traditional Annual Report by including other factors such as statements regarding strategies, risks and results in the fields of environment, social responsibility, workers’ and human rights, fight against corruption as well as diversity in management.

To achieve this, data and content from different areas of the company needs to be gathered and consolidated. The report itself will have to be developed on the basis of the guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or national implementations like the German Sustainability Code, so called Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK).

The sustainability reporting with DITAworks is based on the single-source principle. The content can be recorded once centrally and consolidated in DITAworks. Then, consistent and individualized content can be published easily from the central repository for various stakeholders. The content of the report can include pictures and graphics and the output can be generated in different media formats.


The entire lifecycle of the report is effectively supported by DITAworks with main features being:

  • Content is created centrally and consolidated
  • Data integrity is ensured as the redundancies are avoided
  • Data from third party systems can automatically be imported and updated
  • Quality control of the content is ensured by means of the approval process
  • Newer versions can be created based on the existing content
  • Translations can be centrally monitored if necessary

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