DITAworks Webtop – DITA CMS Implementation Scenarios

Require a DITA CMS for large enterprise DITA documentation solution including web-based authoring and central storage?

For this scenario, DITAworks Webtop fits best.

We offer DITAworks Webtop in different variants:

  • prepacked and configured with IBM Filenet as a traditional license offering
  • for Alfresco as a traditional license offering
  • as a CCMS component that runs with major Enterprise Content Management Systems like MS Sharepoint and Documentum

DITAworks Webtop in a traditional license scenario

DITAworks Webtop provides all CCMS functionality needed for a successful DITA implementation in your organization.

Learn more about the package with IBM FileNet here.


DITA Content Managementfor enterprises

DITAworks Webtop with different ECMS

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DITAworks Cloud Scenario

With DITAworks Cloud we offer a cost effective access to an enterprise-grade DITA CMS infrastructure with full Component Content Management functionality. It is a fully hosted service, there is no installation needed and you can start writing professional DITA documentation as soon as the subscription services are ordered.


DITAworks Cloud – DITA CMS Scenario

Learn more about this package here.

DITAworks extended Scenario

Looking for a DITA CMS for scalable enterprise documentation solution with web-based as well as client-side authoring? Then DITAworks Webtop with a DITAworks Pro add-on or offline oXygen Editor connected through our CMIS connector can be an option.


DITAworks extended CMS scenario

We provide all necessary service to deliver your DITA solution successfully.

Our service offerings are listed here.

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