Easy adaptation to the needs of documentation environment

DITAworks uses two open-source technologies, DITA and Eclipse, to provide a highly scalable and integrable documentation environment. DITA is an open source standard so it has no possibility of proprietary lock-in of content. DITAworks provides easy export of content which can be used in other systems. You can easily create DITA Maps using Visual Map Editor and advanced DITA Map Support for scalable reuse of content across multiple contexts. DITAworks can be easily integrated with 3rd party data sources (by mapping them into DITA-based content) as well as with complex engineering/business software environments. DITAworks also supports visual specialization tools which can help you in expanding your information model.

  • Visual Map Editor and advanced DITA Map Support enables scalable reuse of content
  • Easy export of content to third party systems
  • Visual DITA Specialization to expand information model
  • Easily integrated into DITA documentation environment
  • Easily integrated into Eclipse development environment