DITAworks is a DITA CMS (component content management system) that helps you to optimize your documentation process. With DITAworks, you save time and cost, and accelerate your documentation process.

Some of the main business benefits of using DITA and DITAworks are:

  • Reduce cost on content creation
    Cost-effective documentation process as a result of single-source and content reuse.
  • Reduce cost for creation of different output formats
    Separation of content and layout and conditional single-source publishing supports different output formats and target-group oriented deliverables. Benefit of out-of-the-box publishing and conditional publishing features.
  • Reduce cost on translation and localization
    Benefit of cost savings by decreasing translation and localization efforts, because of content reuse. Work on topic translations without waiting for the whole document to be completed. Organize localization tasks with support of DITAworks built-in localization process.
  • Accelerate time-to-market
    Save time as a result of reuse, support of versions and variants of your content. Benefit of component content management features and reuse support provided by DITAworks.
  • Improve quality, efficiency and accuracy of documentation
    Make complex and time-consuming DITA modeling, authoring, publishing and review tasks easier through an optimized, role-based user interface and out-of-the-box  processes.
  • Focus on your customers
    Customize documentation for a particular client and implementation, thereby increasing the accuracy of the documentation. Through collaborative access to the DITA CMS, developers/engineers, clients and contractors can participate in content development.
  • Improve customer relationship
    Increase quality of the documentation by providing accurate and up-to-date information
    Support available 24/7 through customer-friendly and flexible publishing
  • Support strategic goals
    Reduce TCO as a result of content reuse and achieve higher ROI as a result of minimalism, structure, reuse and single-source publishing as typical results of a DITA content management solution.
    Avoid proprietary lock-in of your content, as DITAworks is based on open standard DITA.
    Achieve corporate branding goals more effectively with much reduced efforts. Brand consistency can be enforced by following corporate standards in layouts, structures and terminology.
    Support global expansion through a scalable modular information architecture
    Leverage knowledge of best practices from an ever-growing DITA community of expert technical writers and managers.


DITAworks talks DITA!

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