New possibilities of information technology also offer new approaches in the learning and Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 Sale training areas. The integrated learning methods are increasingly used where the faculty and the traditional classroom learning is complemented with the computer learning through educational Vans Slip-on Outlet software, wikis, blogs and videos.

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DITA for L&T – write once – publish to different formats incl. SCORM

Education has become more flexible with the help of mobile devices which makes it less space and time binding. Learning content can be modularized so that the learner can consume it in shorter time frames. The dynamics in many business areas Nike Essentialist Sale requires quick knowledge transfer as the knowledge gets dated much faster. Since the learning time is to be used as effectively as possible, target groups and personalized learning opportunities are becoming increasingly important.

Learning content developed in DITA XML standard and managed in a DITA CMS as DITAworks can handle these challenges very effectively.

A major Adidas EQT Sale advantage of learning content that will be created with a DITA CMS is that the content can be Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 Outlet reused, resulting in significant time and cost savings. With a single effort, different media whether text, image, video, sound and animation can be made into modular and flexible learning units. Collectively, these learning units form a single large pool, from which they can be put together for diverse learning scenarios or tasks.

The DITA standard, which is based on the principle of the separation of format and content, makes modularization of learning units of varying sizes possible. These learning units can be chosen for different targets, and combined with each other, regardless of the media type, in every Adidas Aerobounce Outlet conceivable combination. So, target group oriented or individualized learning can be derived easily from the pool of content with minimal effort.
Additionally, the learning content can be published easily to various output formats, which frees the learning from place and time binding. Whether on paper, on computer, on tablet or on phone, all the learning content can be made available across gadgets and the learners can master it at their own pace.

DITAworks is ideally suited for the creation of digital content in the context of integrated learning. The DITAworks also has inbuilt DITA learning and training specialization. The SCORM format is supported as well, so that the content created with DITAworks can be processed through different learning platforms and learning management systems.

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