*instinctools to participate in tekom 2012 jointly with partners Componize and Westernacher

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At the tekom event this year, *instinctools will be presenting technical lectures on topics of scalable DITA solution and global adoption of DITA by big enterprises. Our team, along with their partners Componize and Westernacher, will also be showcasing our complete enterprise DITA based solution for documentation and content management.

Stuttgart, Oct. 04, 2012 – *instinctools GmbH will be present as an exhibitor and a presenter at the events tekom Annual conference and TC World from October 23 – 25, 2012 in Wiesbaden, Germany. This year, we will be jointly participating with our partners Westernacher Products & Services AG and Componize Software. This event is organized annually by tekom, a German professional association for technical communication and information development. It provides all participants a solid platform to gather and exchange relevant information as well as to keep them abreast of the current development in solutions, technologies and tools in the areas of information management. This event also hosts talks by some noted professionals in these areas.

For this year, we will be presenting on two topics:

a) Start small – grow big. Adopt world-wide leading single source publishing standard DITA

b) Global markets – global standards. Follow the steps of SAP to adopt DITA.

The first topic will show how documentations teams and departments, using the DITAworks product range, can move towards adoption of the world-wide leading single source publishing standard DITA. It will be shown how using the inherent DITAworks scalability features, phased move from small scale adoption with a single project towards complete DITA adoption is possible.

The second topic will show how DITAworks and Componize can help to create, organize and publish single source documentation using DITA. The audience will be able to benefit from the experiences gathered during implementation of the same solution for large enterprises. *instinctools’ DITAworks and Componize’s DITA CMS are both designed to overcome the challenges enterprises face when moving to a modular XML documentation standard such as DITA. DITA (an acronym for Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a structured XML framework for creating, managing, and publishing modular content.

*instinctools’ structured authoring environment DITAworks includes: DITAworks Pro; an integrated authoring platform, DITAworks Model; an application for creating and managing DITA specializations, DITAworks Webtop; the web-based authoring platform and DITAworks Eclipse; a specific application for the documentation of Eclipse applications. All these applications are pure DITA-based products and so, the users are able to avail complete benefits from adopting the modern documentation standard DITA.

All through the event, interested parties will be able to obtain information from our team and our partners about the DITA-based enterprise documentation solutions. We will be reachable at stand number: F17a, F17b.

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