*instinctools to exhibit the DITAworks product range at DITA Europe 2012

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*instinctools will be at DITA Europe from November 12 – 13, 2012 in Frankfurt to introduce the latest developments in their DITAworks family. The attendees will be informed about DITAworks, an integrated DITA-based platform for modeling, authoring and management.

Stuttgart, September 26, 2012 — Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference serves annually as a meeting place for those interested in the latest developments in structured content and documentation. Experts from various industries give talks about business, organizational and technical aspects with which they have dealt in their content projects.

At this special event, you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about the different uses of DITA and the latest DITA-based tools. You will also be able to meet the industry leaders,*instinctools and their technology partners Componize, for the most complete DITA solution currently available. The software solutions from these partners are already being used by companies like SAP, Fujitsu EST and AMD where results can be seen in the form of greater efficiency in documentation, creation of learning content and other structured content. Also at the event, SAP will present a lecture on “Modular Multi-Modal Content Production for SAP Education”. As a part of this lecture, SAP will present their complete solution which includes DITAworks and Componize products and has been in operation worldwide since mid-2011.

The software solutions from the partner companies, *instinctools and Componize, provide 100% DITA support and are based on the principles of single-source and reusable content. These solutions are designed to help you reap the maximum benefits from DITA adoption. The adoption of DITA in a company can be beneficial if the right tools are used along with adapting the DITA solution to the company’s processes. And these companies help you in fulfilling this objective as well.

*instinctools will be showcasing its entire range of products based on their structured authoring environment DITAworks. This includes: DITAworks Pro; an integrated authoring platform, DITAworks Model; an application for creating and managing DITA specializations, DITAworks Webtop; the web-based authoring platform and DITAworks Eclipse; a specific application for the documentation of Eclipse applications. All these applications are pure DITA-based products and so, the users are able to avail complete benefits from adopting the modern documentation standard DITA.

If you require further information about DITAworks and are interested in our services around DITA and Content Management Systems, please visit our booth at the DITA Europe Conference in Frankfurt or go to www.ditaworks.com. For an appointment, please write to us at contact@instinctools.com.

For more information about DITA Europe Conference, visit here.

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