*instinctools announces Web Portal connectivity for DITAworks CMS

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DITAworks CMS has taken a further step in its productivity climb by including inbuilt connectivity to web portals. This opens up a new avenue for the companies who want to offer their quality content in a personalized and interactive manner to its consumers. The whole process from mapping content to distributing it will be streamlined now.

Stuttgart, February 3, 2016 – *instinctools, a reputed German software company offering solution and development services in the areas of Information Management has announced a new release of its flagship product DITAworks, an innovative Enterprise DITA CMS. Major new key function of this new release is the out-of-the-box Web Portal Connectivity for DITA content.

For a content strategy to be effective, distribution strategy plays as important a role as authoring and publishing strategy. This is where web portals really come in handy, they give your quality content legs to take it to the right places. A portal is a particular website which collects information from different sources and dispenses this information in the form of categorized and personalized content. Portals hold a definite advantage over some of the distribution mechanisms. Some of these advantages are:

  • Universal availability: Information is available to interest groups at the same point in time.
  • Selective distribution: Documentation can be provided on a “need to know” basis.
  • Topic level distribution: Content can be presented granularly for easier comprehension.
  • Collaboration: Actions and collaborative function related to content pieces can be enabled.
  • Collective library: Structured and unstructured documentation available in same place.
  • Personalization of information: Users can voluntarily personalize information.
  • Interaction and feedback: More feedback through messaging and notification.
  • Automated content adaptation: content can be automatically adapted based on personalization, location and other specific preferences.

Distributing the content to a particular portal can be accomplished by a few easy steps in DITAworks CMS. The portal publishing engine just has to be added to a project in the DITAworks settings and specific parameters for the portal have to be set in the publishing configuration. After running the publishing process, the content will directly appear in the portal where the users are able to work with this content dependent on their roles and privileges.

The complete article about web portals and how DITAworks provides connectivity can be read here.

If you want further clarifications or details about this subject, please contact the *instinctools team.

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