DITAworks Webtop is the web-based version of our DITA CMS for enterprise solutions in the area of structured and topic-based content. It will bring you all the DITA authoring and publishing benefits using our DITA Authoring infrastructure.

DITAworks Webtop provides following main functions:

  • Robust and visual DITA authoring
  • WYSIWYG editing with oXygen web-author component
  • Re-use Support, Link management
  • CMIS browser and repository search and preview
  • Edit entire DITA maps as one document in resolved mode
  • Validate content that is created on server side
  • Version control, Check-in/-out
  • Review process
  • Import/export functionality
  • Publishing to many output formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, MS Word, EPUB, …)
  • Multi variant, conditional publishing
  • Multi language, translation support