DITAworks Webtop is a DITA Component Content Management System that provides a complete infrastructure to create and manage DITA topics and maps. It is designed to make users benefit from single source principles. Following the motto “write once – use everywhere”, it provides optimized support for content reuse.

DITAworks Webtop is the web-based version of our DITA CMS for enterprise solutions in the area of structured and topic-based content. It will bring you all the DITA authoring and publishing benefits you need for a successful state-of-the-art DITA solution. DITAworks Webtop comes in three editions with different functional scope. In this way you have a choice depending on your organization’s needs and budget. Additional DITA aware tools can be added.

Functional scope overview

Basic Team International
Content Manager + + +
Map Manager + + +
oXygen Web Author + + +
Publisher + + +
Review + +
Localization Manager +

DITAworks Webtop provides the following main functions:

  • Easy DITA authoring: all the tools you need in one place
  • Integrated oXygen web author for editing in XML and WYSIWYG mode
  • Wizard and template based DITA topic and map creation
  • Visual DITA Map Editor with Drag & Drop functionality
  • Link management (overview of inbound and outbound links on object level, refactoring in case of changes, consistency check of links, etc.)
  • Previews
  • Effective support of DITA reuse concepts
  • Automated validation and correction functions
  • Expandable search functionality
  • Import/export functionality
  • Publishing to many output formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, RTF, EPUB, etc.)
  • Review process support
  • Localization process support
  • Import/export functionality
  • Version management supporting branches, baseline and full revision history with compare functions

For more information about DITAworks Webtop please contact us.