DITAworks now with version control, branching system and full history revision

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DITAworks Webtop and DITAworks Cloud have introduced new features, the main ones being version control, branch and baseline management and history revision management. Also a number of smaller features and improvements have been introduced.

Stuttgart, Germany, July 10, 2014 – The recent release of DITAworks Webtop and Cloud include a number of new and improved features, including new functionality in terms of branch management, baseline management, revision history control, faster review process, and working in context of an organization structure in the repository.

Branch management enables creating and removing branches and sub-branches. Branching offers a way to work on a new branch without affecting the parent branch. Creating a new branch will entail a full copy of parent branch with creation of links between objects in the parent-child branches for the merge, if needed.

Baseline can be seen as a lightweight version of a branch. The difference between branch and baseline is that the parent branch content does not copy fully to the baseline (like in the branch creation case), only the content indexes do. Baseline, in this case, will be a snapshot of the system with a possibility to make content changes if needed and also to switch baseline objects versions to another available in the history revision. There will also be a possibility to open the system in the baseline context, browse the repository, make a search, and publish the content at the state where the baseline was created.

There have also been many other changes as well. Now, it’s possible to see and manage all the revision history of any repository object in the current branch. The users can also quickly preview content revisions and the differences between them. A new trash mechanism has been introduced so that the deleted objects are recoverable. The reviewing mechanism has been upgraded with the possibility of single click acceptance or rejection of comments and changes made by a reviewer.

An overview of recent DITAworks release M4 is provided on DITAworks video channel.

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