Following table shows DITA functionality of DITAworks Webtop for Alfresco.

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Product features Features DITAworks Webtop for Alfresco
DITA Version Supported DITA 1.1, DITA 1.2 and any DITA Specialization. Specialization can be done using DITAworks Model
DITA Query All DITA related information (meta-data, links) are stored in index store. It is possible to create any kind of SQL queries
DITA Link management All dependencies extracted and stored in index. Dependency browsing and validation.
DITA Publishing DITA Open Toolkit or other Publishing tools (like Antenna House) can be used to publish DITA content.
DITA Topic Editing Full integration with oXygen.
DITA Map Editing Special DITA Map editor with Drag & Drop features
Possibility to edit map in resolved mode
DITA Validation XML schema validation, link integrity, custom rules check. All errors and warnings are stored in central index and can be navigated.
DITA Review features Integrated Review process for internal and external users. Option to only comment or comment & edit inside of DITA content. Details.
DITA Modeling Content architects can create custom DITA specialization. DITAworks can use this model in DITA editing process out of the box
DITA Localization DITA specifics.