DITAworks CMS now with oXygen XML web author!

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DITAworks CMS has received a major update with a host of upgrades, enhancements and integrations. The main emphasis of this release has been the integration of the new oXygen XML web author (“Webapp”) and an upgrade of other components to provide a better user experience.

Stuttgart, October 28, 2016 – *instinctools, a reputed German software company offering solutions and development services, has announced the next release M9 for the innovative DITAworks Enterprise DITA CMS.

DITAworks is designed for organization and management of structured content and complex documentation or documentation arrays with a unified content reuse mechanism. It is industry-independent and is already working very effectively in a varied range of industries. From its inception, the main goal of DITAworks CMS has been to provide the users with a smooth user experience while optimizing the resource usage as well as the quality of the documentation process and the output. Keeping this goal as a guiding factor, our releases are geared to provide the users with the best use of technology and the best practices available at the time.

The new update improves and expands DITAworks’ already powerful CMS functionality, empowering users to make the best use of the tools available and quickly and smoothly manage the documentation process.

Changes introduced in Release M9:

  • Integration of new oXygen XML Web author (Webapp): This allows authors and reviewers to work with their content through any modern browser.
  • Upgrade of DITA Open Toolkit to 2.3.3: Now, new publication types like Word RTF, troff, TocJS, CHM, HTML5, Eclipse Help Content and DocBook are supported as well.
  • Simple text editor added for editing directly in XML.
  • Enhancement of import mechanism: Keys, which are described in the content, will be available in the context map with import.
  • Localization support has been optimized for increased usability.
  • Copy action added in the property view.
  • Improvements in the project settings: Improved project setting functions for changing default settings for ID generation, naming conventions and storing policy. Some administration settings have also been added like selecting the default editor and the number of objects in the Browse view.
  • Usability improvements in Review function: Review functionality has been improved by tracking attributes and highlights.
  • Enhancement of Reuse elements function: Keyword can be inserted in ph element.
  • Improvement of Search function: File media type field has been added as a search option.

If you want to know about these changes in detail or discuss your particular usage scenario with us, then please contact our team.

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