DITAworks Cloud : Benefit from a complete DITA CMS without investing time and a lot of money

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In the course of the tekom events 2013 *instinctools reveals DITAworks Cloud.

Stuttgart, Germany, October 15, 2013 — *instinctools is pleased to announce the availability of DITAworks Cloud, a DITA CMS as a Cloud service. It helps in saving huge investments in time and money to build the CMS infrastructure in-house or to buy an expensive CMS. It counters the problem of procuring budget and personnel to build a competent and comprehensive solution and to always keep it up-to-date.

The access to the comprehensive enterprise grade DITA CMS, DITAworks Cloud, starts at 75 Euros a month. As there is no need to install anything, it is possible to start writing professional DITA documentation as soon as the subscription services are ordered.

DITAworks Cloud is the latest development of product line DITAworks from *instinctools. DITAworks Cloud  supplies every DITAworks options to build comfortable, scalable DITA solutions and makes it possible for the cloud.

*instinctools attends the upcoming tekom events from November 06-08, 2013 in Wiesbaden and demonstrates there the advantages of this solution. Besides it is possible to schedule an individual demo of DITAworks Cloud at the tekom. Interested persons who book an appointment with us at tekom will be getting free entry tickets from us for tekom fair and tool presentations. To get your ticket, write to us at contact@instinctools.com with the subject “DITAworks Cloud“.

Further information about DITAworks Cloud is available at http://ditaworks.com/products/ditaworks-cloud-fast-path-to-dita/.

For more information on tekom events, visit conferences.tekom.de/tcworld13.

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