Thousands of companies worldwide issue countless amounts of contracts daily. As they are essential but very typical documents, many organizations require a certain amount of contracts to be issued on a daily basis, differing only slightly in dates, names, and other small but legally significant details. Naturally a choice has to be made: either waste lots of time proofreading essentially the same documents, or save time and risk making a mistake. DITAworks aims to solve this dilemma once and for all.

Helps to:

Structure Documentation

Divide your contracts into segments that can easily be saved and modified to comprise different documents. Make addendums to multiple contracts, change vital information and leave the interchangeable information intact.

Improve Quality, Efficiency and Accuracy.

DITAworks eliminates most of the human error that plagues the process of making large amounts of typical documentation. The system allows to edit only the relevant parts of a document, reducing the volume of editorial work and saving time in the process.

Add Flexibility

Automated generation of various types of output documents in various formats on the fly allows to keep track of all the documentation with ease. Nothing is left to human memory, everything is controlled from a single source


Effortlessly manage different versions and revisions, save outdated variants by archiving, and keep track of contracts throughout their whole lifecycle like never before.

DITAworks Features:

Efficient authoring

One of the major benefits of DITAworks is how easy it is to manage very large number of different documents. No longer will you have to search for individual revisions of a document when you want something changed across the board. Forget about carefully perusing each paragraph trying to eliminate discrepancies between versions; with DITAworks you need only change the core content once and the changes made will automatically be applied to all existing versions.


Save the bulk of your contract once, and use it everywhere you’d like. As most contracts are typical and vary only slightly in some minor details, this approach helps save both time and effort, while significantly reducing the error rate in the process. You can even reuse parts of existing contracts to create all new ones, maintaining or excluding common elements like general rules, separate points, and product names.

Easier and faster translation

With DITAworks localizations and regional adaptations can be managed much more effectively. Thanks to the fact that typical content is only saved once, it is also translated only once, dramatically cutting the time and costs of adapting your international contracts to different languages. Integrated interfaces to leading Translation Management Systems make DITAworks an indispensable instrument in the global contract management


DITAworks utilizes the entire potential of the DITA standard, supporting your documentation process through the entirety of its life cycle: from modeling through creation to publication. Still having doubts? Get a free demo and make sure for yourself!