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Many, including large, companies create their legally relevant documents in an office software system. In this approach, the risk of publishing unaudited, faulty text is high, which might result in high costs to the company.

In certain organizations (e.g. insurance companies and banks), there is a frequent need for the creation of a large number of new documents on a specific date. To accomplish this task manually is difficult and harbors an unforeseeable risk of legal complications, the reason being the insufficient time available for a professional legal examination of all the documents.

DITA CMS DITAworks can help in this case; it supports the re-use of tested contract components (called topics) and the separation of content, structure and layout. The result is reduction in the volume of the editorial work and the error frequency.
Many times, amendments in the rules require an adaptation of a number of contracts.

With DITAworks, the relevant section can be easily searched and centrally modified, without having any contract to be edited individually.

The version management supports the creation and editing of different contract versions and variants, with easy accessibility of overview of changes. With the DITAworks localization process, translations and regional adaptations can be effectively managed. Integrated interfaces to leading Translation Management Systems makes DITAworks an indispensable instrument in the global contract management.

DITAworks is based on DITA XML and an information architecture used worldwide with media-neutral data format, which allows the output of contract content in different layouts, structures and formats.

Even complex logical dependencies in contract text can be displayed with the DITA specialization “Logical Domain”. When creating a large number of legal documents, data from the outside can be batch processed with the option of handling it using the “Logical Domain” specialization.

Manage your contracts more effectively and safely with DITAworkscontact us.

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