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DITAworks is based on the DITA standard and XML, and it is used to help organize documents using the single source principle. This means is that the end document consists of numerous repeatedly used “core” components which are reused in a wide array of documents at the same time. The semiconductor industry is greatly benefiting from this approach!

Publishing, writing, and translation

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Structuring content, reusing parts of it, not having to redo things from scratch - these things have long been a dream for publishers, writers, and translators. Today, DITAworks allows to do all that and more, optimizing the writing and managing process like never before, improving both accuracy and quality of everything that is written.

Oil & Energy

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In the Oil and Energy industry documentation plays a significant role. It is required to mitigate risk, control project value chains, coordinate deliverables from multiple contractors and produce auditable records. The volumes of such agile documentation quickly become unmanageable, and DITAworks is designed to change that.

Informational Technologies

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During the journey from an idea to a finished software product, documentation can often become an afterthought, necessary but a non-core process, and a tedious one at that. But a closer look can tell us about the value of effective and meticulous documentation in, reports, manuals, web content management, learning materials, guides, and several other major types of documentation, providing the basis necessary to make a successful software product. With DITAworks you can manage all of these different types of documentation with speed and convenience!

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

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DITAworks has been successfully used in many industries and the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is one such where it is an excellent fit. DITA complements the peculiar documentation processes of the industry perfectly. DITAworks will also help you meet the need for managing quite a lot of redundant content efficiently. DITAworks is the right choice!

Financial Services and Banking

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Financial organizations have a distinct need for comprehensive content management solutions that help them meet transparency requirements for transactions and reporting. They also need to author documents accurately, quickly and more efficiently. DITAworks will help you tackle all these challenges successfully and with minimal effort. Take a more elaborate look!

DITAworks learning content management system

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As one of the exponentially growing industries, e-learning faces many challenges in content development and documentation management. DITAworks provides state-of-the-art features for developing, maintaining and translating educational documentation, as well as generating e-courses, lessons, learning materials, trainer materials and SCORM content. All of this is managed by DITAworks from a single-source database.

Legal Case Management Software

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Legal documentation plays a pivotal role for many companies worldwide. Many of these contracts need to be issued on a daily basis, with only slight variation in dates, names, and other small but legally significant details. Document management with the DITAworks software can help you reduce legal documentation management costs and improve risk mitigation by organizing this process. Furthermore, it also serves as an excellent overall legal case management software.


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DITAworks is an enterprise-grade DITA CMS (Content Management System) for authoring, managing and publishing DITA content. It is designed for... Read more »