DITAworks Cloud – Quick start Scenario

For users who want to start quickly with full DITA CMS features

DITAworks Cloud is a hosted DITA Content Management System that provides full component content management features for your DITA projects. Authoring topics and maps supported by wizards, templates, fully integrated oXygen author, drag & drop and automated validation. Link and conref management, extended search, review and publishing.

DITAworks Cloud is a ready-to-use DITA CMS in the cloud. You can start immediately with your DITA documentation project.


Learn more about DITAworks Cloud. More here.

DITAworks Pro – Workgroup Scenario

For joint working environments with a small team of technical authors and/or reviewers.

The easiest and least expensive way to achieve this is by connecting several DITAworks Pro clients to a version control system and making us of check-out/check-in, version management and roll-back functionality.


DITAworks Pro work group scenario

This scenario offers the possibility to author, to review and to publish DITA content using any of DITAworks Pro instances connected to version control.

Note: This scenario can also be used with DITAworks Eclipse.

For more information on this implementation scenario please contact us.