DITAworks Pro is a desktop DITA CMS helping technical editors to effectively manage topic-based, structured content according to single-source principles. This well designed DITA CMS provides major component content management functionality, a powerful DITA XML editor and publishing engine to ensure the successful implementation of your DITA project.

For users who want to start quickly with a fully featured DITA CMS

DITAworks Pro provides comfortable DITA authoring with visual authoring support, link management, previews and publishing. DITAworks Pro is supplied with an integrated oXygen editor and needs just a few minutes to setup and start running on your notebook, PC or MAC. You can start making full use of the DITA standard: just set your project parameters and create your content..

All key functions for managing DITA XML in one tool:

  • Easy desktop DITA authoring – all the tools you might need in one place
  • WYSIWYG and XML editing with oXygen author component
  • Wizard and template based DITA topics and maps creation
  • Visual DITA Map Editor with Drag & Drop functionality
  • Preview functions
  • Search function
  • Effective support of DITA reuse concepts
  • Link management with overview of inbound and outbound links on object level, refactoring, consistency check of links
  • Version control, check-in and check-out, if used in context with  version control system
  • Import and export functionality
  • Publishing into many output formats (e.g. PDF, XHTML, EPUB, ODT, etc.)
  • Search functionality
  • Version control, Check-in and check-out, if used in context with version control system

For more information about DITAworks Pro please contact us.