DITAworks Eclipse is a variation of DITAworks Pro and  designed especially for documenting Eclipse-based software. This specialized DITA CMS offers a set of useful Eclipse Help extensions in order to promote Eclipse Help as a publishing output format for DITA content.

In brief, Eclipse Help extensions for DITAworks Eclipse cover DITA specialization for defining Eclipse help deliverables, transformation and validation specifics for Eclipse Help. Eclipse Help contexts and indexes are fully supported, and links between content in different plug-ins can be managed comfortably.

The links between the application and Eclipse Help are enabled by Eclipse context ID management and an IDE plug-in for help context assignment and synchronization with the source code.


DITAworks Eclipse provides all features for documenting Eclipse applications “out-of-the-box”:

  • Support of Eclipse Help formats
  • Easy desktop DITA authoring – all the tools you might need in one place
  • WYSIWYG and XML editing with oXygen author component
  • Template based wizards for creation of DITA maps and DITA topics
  • Preview function
  • Search function
  • Effective support of DITA reuse concepts
  • Link management
  • Version control, check-in and check-out, if used in context with  version control system
  • Import and export functionality
  • Publishing to many output formats (e.g. Eclipse Help, PDF, XHTML, EPub, ODT, etc.)

DITAworks Eclipse provides important competitive advantages:

  • The single source approach of DITA stimulates reuse of content and thus reduces creation and translation costs
  • Time to market for software documentation can be optimized
  • Content quality is improved
  • Documentation and software development teams can work hand in hand
  • Documentation of the ever increasing number of releases and variants is strictly controlled
  • Software will always be delivered consistently with the fitting documentation, significantly decreasing the error rate

For more information about DITAworks Eclipse please contact us.